Kiwi-choc Lollipop


Are you kids fussy about fruit?Then play it sly !!!!!
I did with my little baby and she didn’t realise!!!!lollipop, kiwi, chocolate


Fruity Fun!!

Make snack time fun and playful, let your imagination and your kids imagination go wild! Let them help you and they will be more inclined to eat!

fruit colour

Learning through play? Learning through eating! chop up the fruits and let your toddlers help you sort them in to colours! And they look so great your children won’t be able to help but tuck in!


the hungry caterpillar fruit

Copy pictures and characters from your children’s favourite books! This Hungry Caterpillar made our from fruit will be irresistible to your kids! Make snack time fun by telling the story while you eat, using the fruits on the plates instead of the fruits in the book!

Fruit flowers

Use different size cookie cutters to create these simple but stunning flowers! Easy enough for the kids to join in too!


desert island fruit

Snack time can become an exotic get away!