Mango Milkshake

Mango milkshake
Ramadan 2

1 ripe Pakistani mango
1 glass of chilled milk
1tsp sugar optional
Crushed ice

Peel the mango and cut slices off and put in the blender
Add milk and blitz.
Add the ice and sugar optional
Blitz again
Serve chilled
Recipe by
Yasmin xx


Date and almond milkshake

Date&almond milkshake

Ramadan Mubarak to all.
It’s hot and the fasts are long but Allah makes it easy for us,
Allah will double the reward and the blessings are huge.
I start the 1st roza off with a nourishing milkshake recipe that is full of energy and will refresh your body after a long fast.

2cups of chilled milk
10 soft dates chopped
10 almond soaked
1scoop of vanilla ice cream

Remove the skins of the almonds.
In a blender add dates, almonds and 1 cup of milk and blitz until smooth. Add the remaining milk and ice cream blitz again until frothy. Add more dates if you want it more sweet.Serve chilled
Recipe by
Yasmin xx


Banana Milkshake

Banana milkshake
Serves 2
2 bananas
1 large glass of milk
Crushed ice
1tsp sugar optional
Blitz together the milk, bananas and sugar for few seconds.
Add the ice blitz again and serve with a mint leaf !!!!
Recipe by
Yasmin xx

Rooh Afza


Rooh Afza refreshing drink

This is very refreshing drink
I love it.

1 glass water
2tbsp Rooh afza
1 lemon
2tbsp crushed ice

Mix all the ingredients in a talk glass with half a lemon juice.
Withe the remaining half lemon decorate the glass and serve!!!!
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Desi doodh patti – Pakistani tea


This is a desi recipe for Pakistani tea which my father has been drinking for 65 years. He loves it and so do i, esp when i need to dip my rusk cake! It’s a treat when I have a cold/flu as English tea does nothing for me.
I have been making this from when I was five! So it’s a long traditional thing in my house!

1cup milk
2-3tbsp water
1tea bag (pj tips)
1&1/2tsp sugar
1-2 cardamom seeds optional

In a saucepan add a little water
Let it boil then add the tea bag,cardamom seeds and sugar,boil for few seconds and add milk. Bring it to boil and lower the heat and cook for 5mins.
Take off and serve