Veggie Wheels


A fun way to get kids to eat their vegetables!






Gram/ Chana flour


Chilli flakes

Chopped Coriander

Jeera/cumin seeds



Mix flour, salt, coriander and spices in a bowl with water to make a thick batter.

Slice Veggies and mix in to batter

Deep fry veg one by one

serve with ketchup and chilli sauch


Cake Pops


Cake pops !!!!!

My babies requested me for cake pops today with their innocent faces I couldn’t say no. Although I wasn’t prepared for it but still made it. I make them and they look marvellous. Kids were stunned and so was i. Very easy and if you don’t want to buy cake pop sticks then use toothpicks…..that’s what I did !!

1 cake mix or sponge cake
2 bars milk chocolate
1 white chocolate bar
Sugar strands to decorate
Colourful coconut to decorate

Bake a sponge cake or a chocolate cake and leave aside to cool.
Or buy a cake mix and bake the cake following the instructions.
Once cool break the cake in a bowl to small crumbs. In a glass bowl over boiling water melt one bar of milk chocolate and pour in the cake mixture and mix well to combine.
Make small balls and place on a cake pop sticks (I used toothpicks as I had no sticks) and place in a fridge for 1 hour. Melt white and milk chocolate separately and pour in a small bowls or small glass and leave aside to cool. Dip the cake pops in the chocolate you prefer the white or milk, then sprinkle with decorations of your choice and place on a tray lined with foil or cling film and leave in the fridge for 30-40mins until set.
Enjoy !!!!
Recipe by
Yasmin xx

Banana Milkshake

Banana milkshake
Serves 2
2 bananas
1 large glass of milk
Crushed ice
1tsp sugar optional
Blitz together the milk, bananas and sugar for few seconds.
Add the ice blitz again and serve with a mint leaf !!!!
Recipe by
Yasmin xx

Hot Berry Crumble


Hot berry crumble

200g plain flour
100g butter
2tbsp sugar
4tbsp Demerara sugar
1/2 pack of frozen berries
1tsp cornflour
Cream/custard to serve

In a bowl add plain flour,butter and rub with your fingertips to form crumbs. Add sugar.
In a serving dish lay out the berries
sprinkle cornflour over the berries then sugar. Pour the crumbs on top covering almost all the berries.
Sprinkle some Demerara sugar on top then put in preheated oven
Serve with cream or custard.
Recipe by
Yasmin xx

Spicy Potato Wrap


Spicy potato wrap

4-5 potatoes peeled and cubed
1-2 med onions chopped
2-3 med tomatoes chopped
1tsp chilli powder
1tbsp cumin
Pinch of tumeric (haldi)
Salt to taste
Sprinkle garam masala powder
Fresh coriander
2-3 tbsp oil

Make the masala and add the potatoes. Cook for 5mins then add some water and cover and cook till potatoes are cooked.
Garnish with coriander and garam masala
Warm the wrap&put a spoon of potato and salad with mayonnaise and ketchup and serve
Recipe by

Purple Porridge

Purple porridge

Start your day packed with goodness.

6-8tbsp porridge oats
1 glass of milk semi skimmed
2tbsp frozen berries

In a bowl add oats with milk and heat in microwave until bubbling. Add a little water to loosen the mixture. Mix together and add the berries in it and serve
Recipe by
Yasmin xx

Classic Pakistani Trifles

Classic Pakistani trifle

A classic Pakistani trifle dessert which I first ate in Pakistan. A cool mouthwatering dessert which will woo your guests. This also is served in Ramadan in Iftar parties.

3tbsp vanilla custard powder
2 cups of milk (for custard)
Sugar to taste (for custard)
1packet Ahmed jelly strawberry
1 tin fruit cocktail in syrup
3tbsp double cream
1tsp icing sugar
Cake slices/ trifle sponge

Make the jelly according to the packet instructions. Set the jelly in a square tray&leave in the fridge to set.
Make the custard according to the packet and leave aside to cool.
Beat the cream with sugar and leave aside.
Cut the jelly into cubes with a knife.
Cut the cake slices into small cubes. Now start layering the cups,
pour jelly cubes in a tall sundae glass, then a spoon of fruit cocktail
then add few cubes of cake and then pour the custard. Add fruit cocktail again and then cake.
Decorate with cream and jelly
Chill in the fridge before serving
Recipe by
Yasmin xx