Date and almond milkshake

Date&almond milkshake

Ramadan Mubarak to all.
It’s hot and the fasts are long but Allah makes it easy for us,
Allah will double the reward and the blessings are huge.
I start the 1st roza off with a nourishing milkshake recipe that is full of energy and will refresh your body after a long fast.

2cups of chilled milk
10 soft dates chopped
10 almond soaked
1scoop of vanilla ice cream

Remove the skins of the almonds.
In a blender add dates, almonds and 1 cup of milk and blitz until smooth. Add the remaining milk and ice cream blitz again until frothy. Add more dates if you want it more sweet.Serve chilled
Recipe by
Yasmin xx



3 thoughts on “Date and almond milkshake

  1. I’ll try this out during Ramadan inshaa’Allah. The only thing I’m nervous about is the dates. I usually can’t eat them unless it’s in its original form. Looks good though so I might just cave and add dates.

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